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Happy Easter 2014


…my sister (she is at the HobbitCon) She talked with Dean, and he told her that Aidan Turner always looking on our Website. AWWWWWWWWWW

We at the moment:


Make me chose between this or that - Anonymous asked ”Fili or Kili?”

She worries. She thinks I’m reckless.

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Endless list of flawless people: 4/? Aidan Turner

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, World Premiere, Wellington [x]

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"Kili is a bit reckless. He’s maybe a bit too cool sometimes. But he’s super-psyched about going on this huge journey as he’s never been to war, he’s only heard stories from Thorin. The relationship between him and his brother Fili is almost like Prince William and Harry. I’m the younger one, so I’d be the Harry. He’s a bit more of the rebel, but he doesn’t want to let anyone down. He’s not as loyal maybe as Fili, but he’s still part of the troop and he’s committed and wants ultimately to reclaim Erebor again. They’re all super loyal, it’s one of the traits of the dwarves." x

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Photo from my shoot with the talented Sarah Greene & Aidan Turner - (Dean O’Gorman via twitter)

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