'If there's a fight to the death for the award, who'll win between the three of you?'

'I'd beat the shit out of Adam Brown. I don't know about Richard Armitage. He's pretty strong. He's big, and he's scary with that ponytail.'

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rock’n’roll dwarves

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This is what happens when you run into Aidan on a train and ask for a photo. :) Whadda guy!


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“Of the twelve companions of Thorin, ten remained. Fili and Kili had fallen defending him with shield and body, for he was their mother’s elder brother.”

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it’s just my f a c e

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Hello, I know I'm nobody, but I needed to ask. True, aidan turner View this blog? O___O'

Yes, Dean O’Gorman told that,my sister at the HobbitCon (You are nobody? you’re someone. You are a pretty girl)

Your blog is the best thing I've found all night, I absolutely love it. Thanks so much for making this!

Really? ASDFGHJKL Thank You soooo much :-***


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We are looking for new members, who have a good knowledge of Photoshop and are able to edit and/or GIF. These people need to be able to dedicate a few hours a week to contributing to the upkeep of “Aidan Turner Daily” which includes editsreblogs, queuing and answering questions. Editing is a big a part of the blog, so it is required that you have a good understanding of Photoshop, and that you are able to edit/GIF to a nice standard.

We do not expect you to be here 24/7. All we ask is that each member produces at least 3 edits/GIFs a week and contributes to reblogs and our queue. We are understanding of absence, as we each have our own lives, but communication is very important. If you are chosen for “Aidan Turner Daily”, there will be more on this when you join the blog.

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I live in Germany near Switzerland.I guess my chance to meet Aidan one time is pretty small :( So if Aidan really reads this, I'd like to say ''You're an amazing actor and I love you and your work!'' ,Josie

Hey Aidan, read this ^

Dankeschön :-*

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Oh, alright. It’s a promise stone from my mother. 
What promise?
That I would come back. She thinks I’m reckless.
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"I’d do charity work if they were all like that…" — Hattie 2011

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